Sexism and How Capitalism Got us All

Hello here.

I have to say I am a bit mad. Okay, I’ll admit, I am so mad smoke is coming out of my nostrils. Peace off.

Lately, I have been, repeatedly, almost constantly, victim of harassment from doofus.

Yesterday, as I was walking in the street, minding my own business, in plain daylight, a guy literally whistled at me as if I were a dog. I take off my earplugs. The guy starts a beautiful verbal diarrhea, filled with aggressively and insults. Apparently, I was guilty of not giving him a lighter (I wasn’t even smoking). He was in a truck. I calmly ask him not to insult me and then, get this, he gets off his truck as if to hit me! It was completely absurd: I ask him Are you…going to hit me? Is that how it’s going to go? I was so surprised! Seeing that I wasn’t scared (I mean, come on buddy), he started another verbal diarrhea and got back into his truck. The answer from a security guy around? Well, some women are like, walking naked in the street, and if we don’t whistle at them, they start harassing us. It happened I wasn’t naked (Thank God I thought of putting on some clothes that day, instead of running around naked like I’m used to do daily!) and that I have never harassed a man in my entire existence.

giphy2Paris has become a land of machoism, sexism, and I feel less and less safe as I walk around. Let me get one thing straight: when I was younger, I could get home drunk af without any problem whatsoever. Nowadays, however, I don’t feel at home. I feel invaded by looks, insults, hands, harassment from an angry mob of frustrated men. Okay, Okay, I am not going to change the world, but it feels the prison is getting smaller by the minute. When I tell this story to people, their first reaction is Oh you should be careful, some men are so dangerous. Not wow that guy was cray-cray or it’s not your responsibility. No, I am apparently responsible for men’s actions. It is on me if a guy acts this way with me.

Honestly, I am starting to feel more and more empathy for the women wearing a burqa. Can you imagine? Walking around and not being fucked in guys’ minds? And the burqa is put on because, and I quote a doofus I used to know (Yep, I am talking to you, Adam B.) women must hide in order not to excite men. Well, I would start by suggesting that maybe, maybe, men should try and control themselves?

I used to teach French to female adults as a volunteer. One day, a midwife came to talk about excision. The answers from the group were absolutely amazing: women had been said they had to be excised in order to control their natural impulses. As if we were horny animals unable to not jump at a man’s dick. And it’s not, let me repeat this, it’s not about islam whatsoever. This awful operation is born from sick men’s minds somewhere in Africa. It is not written anywhere in any sacred texts that excision is like, awesome and should be done.

The rules of this hideous game are simple: women are animals that men can manipulate like they want. It’s like they re at the market: they check you out, whistle at you, and then insult you if you don’t answer. There is a hatred of the female body.

Actually, the explanation is quite simple. From age 0 to 18, your brain stores around half a million pictures from advertising. And ads, let me tell you, are a feast of body parts. We loose our head on several pictures. It’s all about boobs, asses, boobs again, a mouth, an eye, legs. It’s almost never about the whole person. So, of course, when a mildly intelligent man sees a woman, automatically, its brain is going to go like ads I saw my entire life that are supposed to awaken desire for the product it sells me + real woman in the street = let’s try and harass her so she becomes an object I can seize, I can possess. 

tumblr_o37jqbcisp1qbljqoo1_250Once again, I am not trying to change a way of thinking. Hey, buddy, you wanna be frustrated af? Be my guest. But if I am playing the same rules a guy is playing with me, well, to tell the truth, 99% of them would loose. Most of the men harassing me are, well, ugly (and I am not), are well, dummy, like they have a mediocre diploma in software shit (Yes, I am talking to you Maxence L. Please erase my number. It’s been five years, for fuck’s sake), or they, like, sell stolen phones in the street. I have two bachelors, one masters degree and I speak three languages. If we get into the sex subject, I can have a man come in minutes. The same cannot be said from them. Yeah, right, the female pleasure is such a mystery! (one entrance, one on/off button. So much more complicated than the male organs!!!!)

tumblr_o37jqbcisp1qbljqoo2_250We are all loosing at this game. A guy told me once: I can never be an equal to my wife. She can fuck whomever she wants, and I can’t. Being able to fuck whomever we want is not something cool. It means constant harassment, a permanent fight against bullies, against old and ugly guys who rape you with their eyes. It means never feeling safe, even in a Uber (I now have to wear a fake wedding ring in order to be left at peace by the several drivers who ask for my number after they drive me down to my flat). It means I can get beaten up without anyone saying anything.

In Paris, 100% of women have been harassed in public transportation. In France, an experiment has been made. Two identical curriculum vitae were sent for the same job applications. The only difference was that the pictures on it were changed. For the « pretty » woman, she was called back in 46% of cases. For the less gracious one, in only 16% of cases.

Isn’t it beautiful?

My question is: what good can come out of this situation? Anger and violence are growing within all of my friends and myself. Religions are dirtied down by this definition of the woman. Yeah, being a woman, being a woman.
But I don’t want to fight this fight as a woman. I want to fight  this fight as a person. I am a human being, just like men. I build my furniture just like a man. I do grocery shopping and watch porn and drink booze, just like a man. I am a fucking human being. It gets me so mad that we are being grabbed by the pussy just because we don’t have a flaccid piece of meat between our legs. Men can go half naked in the street. Men can pee in the street. I mean, I have to smell men’s pee when I get out my subway station. A woman would never do that. Pretty much because 70% of public spaces in France are used by men. Meaning we are staying home because we are scared.

Well, I am not scared. This is my street, my neighborhood, my hometown, my country, my life, and, no, I will not let a man bark at me just because he wants to. The irony is this hatred of feminism. It all started at the 1989 Montreal Polytechnic attack. A man entered a feminist meeting and shot fourteen of them, because, and I quote, he hates feminists. Since then, in people’s minds, feminism kills. It’s like Oh! I hate feminists! What a bore they are! How dare they defend themselves from rape, excision, inequalities! What bitches they are! And everywhere I go, anyone I talk to will tell me the same thing, feeling super duper clever.

But you got duped, buddy. You are into the system, and the system got you. The capitalist system wants you to think this way. And if you don’t, well, you get into the fucking feminist ass fuck you bitch mother fucker box. Replace the word sexism by racism, and suddenly, everyone gets it. Well, as John Lennon said, women are the nigger of the world.

Let’s talk about mothers. They’re the only ones who are left in peace because they got a man outside of them. Women are defined by maternity, or by sexuality. Worst thing is? Women themselves don’t have a definition of their own gender. Women know men better than they know their own body.

tumblr_o37jqbcisp1qbljqoo3_250When you read Baudelaire, you are hit by the virgin vs whore diptych. It’s either Jeanne (whore) or Blanche (angel). In the Genesis, Eve comes from Adam’s rib. Pretty much his stomach. So, pretty much, Adam gave birth to a woman. And then, a flaccid piece of meat tells her to eat the apple. Do you see where I’m going?

And don’t get me started about rap. This artistic form, which means, according to the dictionary, criticize sharply has become a circus of bad bitches rolling their asses aroud douches with giant bottles of champagne. Even the female rappers play this game (Yes, I am talking to you Nicki Minaj, shame on you. Shame. On. You). Proof with this alarming video below.

Because the message it spreads amongst the youth is absolutely terrifying. It is a marketing propaganda.

I am very saddened by all of this. Because it is part of a much, much bigger issue. Capitalism has isolated us up until the point where it’s you against the entire world. Youth against gerontocracy. Riches against poors. White versus black. Monotheism versus atheism. Thing is, we all live on the same planet, unlike what media and politics might tell you. We are all knee-deep in the same shit. Why act out of fear? Why do men need to dominate women in order to define themselves?

We are all alone, in our own cell, hating one another.

And that, my friends, is the definite victory of the capitalist machine.

tumblr_o37jqbcisp1qbljqoo4_250Yey to us.


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