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🇫🇷 Poème qui ne rime à rien 🇫🇷

À toi qui arrive, Ô piètre voyageur

Pitre de façade, malheurs en profondeur

Toi qui t’embarques pour ces bien étranges rives

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A nihilist trip to the supermarket

Let’s push the doors of grocery consumerism. I like witnessing the experience, the image, the philosophy of the chain. I think of all those marketing teams discussing which message would seduce the consumer. Humanity is dissolved in the grand paradox of buying/selling shit: making you feel unique while spending $ on the exact same thing than everyone else.

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Tips from a Mean Girl

I have done my deed of bad stuff in oder to get away with whatever bullshit I decided doing. Yes, I am borderline and addicted to addiction, so let me tell you going out with me can be quite the adventure. Inspired by the many life lessons I have gone through while invading dance-floors and douching it seriously up, I have a few advice on

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One Little Thing

P is the periodic symbol for Phosphorus.

We don’t often think of Phosphorus.

And yet, it’s one of those amazing little things that make life possible. Plants need Phosphorus to photosynthesis. Nowadays, agriculture depends on phosphorus excavation, found in almost all fertilizers around the world.

Nauru is a 21-square-km island, halfway lost between Australia and Hawaï.

We don’t often think of Micronesia.

And yet

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