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🇫🇷 Poème qui ne rime à rien 🇫🇷

À toi qui arrive, Ô piètre voyageur

Pitre de façade, malheurs en profondeur

Toi qui t’embarques pour ces bien étranges rives

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A nihilist trip to the supermarket

Let’s push the doors of grocery consumerism. I like witnessing the experience, the image, the philosophy of the chain. I think of all those marketing teams discussing which message would seduce the consumer. Humanity is dissolved in the grand paradox of buying/selling shit: making you feel unique while spending $ on the exact same thing than everyone else.

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Does Love Exist? #1: Pilot

When you dive into your own past, the bricks of memory lane fade as you go deeper into yourself.

Memories have their own light, and I know when an event has been stored within me as a thread of my past, because the images come back shinier, wet from this special sunshine of our unconscious.

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